An Introduction to Engineered Wood Floors

No doubt that wooden floor has always been a very popular option among the homeowners. This is because it gives a stunning and warm look from every room it’s installed with. This floor does not cause any harm to the environment and does not burn a hole in one’s pocket. And on top of it, these floors can be found in a variety. You can choose the one according to your preferences and budget.

Engineered wood flooring London
Engineered wood flooring London

A lot of homeowners in this day and age have been expressing their willingness for wooden floors to be installed at their home. And if we talk about engineered wood floors London, there would be a lot of people who seem to be lacking information and knowledge as to what this wooden floor is all about. As a matter of fact, it’s a type of wood that comprises different kinds of woods. And there are layers that make up this type of a wood floor: ply layer and wear layer. The wear layer is the one that is exposed on the surface and on the other hand, ply later consists of different kinds of wood.

There are people who are unfamiliar with engineered wood floors London and what benefits they can provide to one’s home, but if these wooden floors are compared with solid wood floors, both of them have their own benefits.

It entirely depends on you what type of a wooden floor you would like to go for, but prior to taking a final call about opting for engineered wooden flooring, you should know what benefits it can provide you. It’s a fact that every homeowner showing their concern for installing a wooden floor would agree that Engineered Wood Flooring has been one of the finest inventions to enter the floor market. And there many reasons that make up for the fact why. First off, this wooden floor isn’t made from solid wood and comprises many layers that are stacked on top of each other. The top-most layer is the real hardwood you’ve been thinking about for installing on the floor.

Hardwood Floors London
Hardwood Floors London

Many people have been asking themselves, “Why should I choose engineered wood floors?”

Well, one of the main reasons that have been catching many people’s attention is its material that can easily be handled. Let’s mention some of the great benefits provided by engineered wood floors London.

  1. Engineered wood floors are the ones that can be installed directly over the concrete.
  2. This wooden flooring is more stable as compared to other flooring options due to a number of timber layers running in varied directions.
  3. One of the biggest benefits is that it’s inexpensive than traditional wood flooring.

Looking for the best engineered wooden flooring? Contact envy Hardwoods, one of the leading suppliers of engineered floors, solid floors, parquet and decking. We provide the best quality as per the preferences and budget of the customer.


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